Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ
Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ
Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ
Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ
Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ
Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ
Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ

Funk Me ECO トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツ 水着 FTS003M - メンズ


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Australian sizes and Japanese sizes are listed.

■ Men's

AUS/US XS/30 S/32 M/34 L/36 XL/38
Japan medium size L size XL size 2XL size 3XL size
waist 75-80 80-85 85-90 90-95 95-100
hip 80-85 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105


* JAPAN = M other company's size standard: ML size

  • 12時までのご注文で即日発送
  • セール品につき返品交換対象外です

■デザイン名:Funk Me

■水着の形:ECO Training Jammers エコ トレーニング ジャマー ハーフスパッツタイプ


■素材:ECO C-Infinity(エコシーインフィニティ)※耐塩素素材

■ブランド:FUNKY TRUNKS ファンキートランクス


使用済みペットボトルから作られたエコ素材『ECO C-Infinity素材』を採用。長時間のプール利用でも水着が傷まないよう設計されています。他のエラスタン素材の水着よりもはるかに耐久性が高く、プールや太陽の下での長時間の使用でも高い快適性を提供します。プールでのパフォーマンスに優れた水泳用練習水着として理想的な1枚です。

・Exceptional strength ・Durability that far exceeds other elastane swimwear fabrics ・Unique design ・High quality stitching

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FUNKITA swimwear is made from durable polyester fabric, but like any other garment, care is important to ensure longevity.

・After using the swimwear, be sure to rinse it with clean water or wash it with a neutral detergent.
・Let's dry the swimsuit in the shade. Sunlight accelerates the deterioration of fabrics. Do not leave it wrapped in a wet towel all day.
・If you use a lot of chlorine, the color may fade and the fabric and seams may be damaged.
・Avoid regular hot springs as the combination of heat and chlorine will degrade your swimsuit faster.
・Avoid sunscreen, perfume, deodorant, sunscreen and excessive sweating. All of these things cause stains and aging in swimwear. Also, the oil contained in these products will degrade the rubber, so be sure to rinse thoroughly after use.
・Swimwear with a rough surface may cause catching and abrasion. Waterslides, concrete tops, and slides off the edge of pools can fuzz fabrics and damage swimwear as well.
・Gently remove the sand with your fingernails.
・Do not iron or tumble dry.
- For swimwear with drawcords, pull the drawcords together rather than pulling them apart.

If you are shopping for FUNKITA/FUNKY TRUNKS for the first time, please refer to the " Shopping Guide " here.
Please refer to the.

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Toddler size for kindergarten to elementary school children Boys size (~160)
Girls size (~150)

■Junior high school students to high school boys size (up to 180)
Girls size (~170)
Men's size (-M)
Women's size (~S or M)

■University student ~ general men's size (~ XL)
Women's size (-L)

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Please contact us within 7 days after receiving the product.
Due to the characteristics of the product, it cannot be exchanged if it is tried on directly against the skin.

■ When the item cannot be exchanged ・When the tag is removed・When the item is tried on directly against the skin ・When the product is dirty or damaged ・Sale or outlet product

First, please contact FUNKITA customer support.


FUNKITA commitment


Fashionable swimwear with novel and unique patterns

The design of FUNKITA's swimwear is fashionable anyway. A discerning pattern drawn by a specialized design team. It is characterized by the fun of being able to wear it with a sense of fashion even though it is a swimming suit.


High-quality premium polyester material that does not fade

Uses Italian high-class premium polyester material "C-Infinity material". Colorfast and safe for outdoor sun exposure. We use materials with high durability.


A new form of competitive swimsuit that overturns common sense

FUNKITA swimwear allows you to choose not only the design, but also the shape. We offer a wide variety of swimsuits, such as those that tie straps on the back and separate swimsuits.



A colorful and favorite swimsuit gives you a strong sense of confidence. It's a hard competition, so it's important to raise your motivation and raise your spirits.


shine in the pool

design and durability. Fankita pursues quality and design.


I made a swimsuit from a plastic bottle*

ECO C-INFINITY is made from the same high-quality polyester material as C-Infinity, but made from used PET bottles. Boasting 100% chlorine resistance and excellent color, ECO C-INFINITY gives new life to waste and reduces environmental impact.

*Those with ECO notation are ECO materials.


What is Fankita?

FUNKITA / FUNKY TRUNKS Swimmer's voice


Anyway, a cool swimsuit that "shines". I wear them together with my team members.

Junichi Morita
swimming coach/swimmer

Flashy design increases tension and motivation! One of the attractions of FUNKY TRUNKS is that there are various types with the same design!

Shusuke Toyama
fin swimmer

I'm always looking forward to new works from FUNKITA! My favorite is the purple swimsuit!

Nana Takatsu
fin swimmer

It looks great even in the water! The flashy feeling is irresistibly cute!

Shiho Matsuda
fin swimmer

There are various designs on the back, so cute! Swimsuits for practice are all Fankita.

Masako Kuroki
swimming coach/swimmer

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