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Split Scene

A particularly messy relationship break up within the design team led to the destruction of all mutual belongings, including the vacation photos. The pain and agony turned into a blessing, with the shards of a once treasured memory in tropical paradise pieced back together to create an awesome print.

All mutual property was destroyed, including vacation photos, as a particularly turbulent relationship within the Splitscene design team was resolved. Pain and suffering turned into celebration by piecing together pieces of precious memories of a once-in-a-lifetime tropical paradise to create stunning prints.

Scatter Brain

Running a business and being designers doesn't always go hand in hand so we designed a print that depicts our lives. Everything starts black and white but slowly disintegrates into a colorful mess that floats out the window.

Scatterbrain Running a business and being a designer don't always go hand in hand, so I designed prints that depict our lives. Everything starts out in black and white, but slowly disintegrates into a colorful mess that emerges from the windows. )

FUNKITA scatter brain

Lime Light

We've designed a print that will instantly make you the center of attention. Simply wear it to your next session and you'll have photographers with telescopic lenses and drones taking your photo while you adjust yourself or pick your nose to publish in the next glossy mag. It's everything you've ever dreamed of thanks to us!

Lime Light A pop print that instantly becomes the center of attention. It will be very noticeable, so be careful not to let your guard down. Paparazzi may secretly shoot with a telephoto lens or drone during practice and publish it in a fashion magazine! ? Join the celebrities you've always dreamed of!

FUNKITA lime light

Summer Sunset

Sydney-based artist Darren Gannon depicts the coastline of eastern Australia on a stormy night in his painting Dappled Surface, with a recolour by our designers to lift the mood. Check his work at

Summer Sunset An artistic design printed with the work "Dappled Surface" drawn by Sydney-based artist Darren Gannon. The FUNKITA designer team has arranged the colors to match the swimwear, depicting the coastline of a stormy night in East Australia. Check out Darren Gannon's work here:

FUNKITA summer sunset

pony puff

It's not easy being a gluten-intolerant pony but Pony Puff learnt how to make it his strength. After a day munching grass, Pony Puff would tolerate a short period of stomach cramps before propelling himself into the sky powered purely by his own hot air to Prance across the evening sky.

Pony Puff A design with a small unicorn and rainbow colors that gives courage and energy. Pony Puff, a unicorn with a weak stomach. One day, after eating grass, my stomach hurt and I had a fever. However, Ponypuff took advantage of the heat and flew off into the night sky.

FUNKITA pony puff

Predator party

Wild carnivorous beasts are actually quite sensitive souls, and can be traumatized by their actions when they rip the head off a gazelle. We have captured one of their regular meetings together where the predators discuss their feelings and share a minute's silence for their victims all while having their chins tickled.

Predator Party A bold design that expresses the delicate hearts of wild carnivores that look strong. Even carnivores actually get hurt when they bite a gazelle's head. I made a swimsuit of the delicate carnivorous animals that gather together and pray for their prey before hunting.

FUKITA Predator Party