【FUNKY TRUNKS】こんなに使える!女性もOK!Men'sショートビーチウェア5つの活用シーン

[FUNKY TRUNKS] So useful! Women are OK! Men's short beachwear 5 usage scenes

This time, we will introduce FUNKY TURNKS short beachwear !

It is a very popular item with many fans among swimmers🩳🌊

the secret is

・Variously usable as bottoms✨

・It means that it can be used for unisex 👨👩 !

Let's explore the charm from 5 usage scenes immediately💁‍♀️

① Dress casually! To and from the pool!

When you go to the pool, you can choose FUNKITA for the 👕🩳 T-shirt and backpack, so you can enjoy all FUNKITA coordination 😎

②For daily training! You can also pair it with tights for a stylish look!

Perfect for track and field training or at the gym 🏋️ It dries quickly, so you don't have to worry about getting sweaty or wet 🌻 We also recommend wearing it with tights!

③ You can jump into the sea as it is! Quick-drying perfect for summer leisure!

Great for summer leisure 🌈 There is no problem even if you jump into the sea as it is! Beach leisure, of course, take me to riverside BBQs and summer festivals🕶☀️

④Let's dress up as a swimming coach! Also recommended for instructors!

Highly recommended for swimming coaches! A stylish and eye-catching design that makes you stand out in the pool 🩳Coach can be seen from a distance! You can find it right away 👀✨ It's an item that can be used for both water and land training.

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5. Easy to put on after getting out of the pool! The wear which plays an active part in the interval of practice!

Also popular as bottoms while resting in the pool or at the beach. It's light and won't wrinkle, so you can carry it with you 🎒

Short beachwear that can be used conveniently ♬ Find your own way to use it!

How was it! ? Short beachwear that can be used in various ways♬

Please refer to the usage scene and find your own way to use it🧜‍♀️🐬🐠

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