FUNKITA's strongest "animal" is this! 3 animal designs! !

💡Introducing the staff's recommended products according to the theme from among FUNKITA's abundant designs💡

The theme of this time is 《FUNKITA's strongest "animal" design 3 selections🦁》 ! !

FUNKITA has a variety of designs with animal motifs, but this time we focused on "strength" in particular. !

Let's take a quick look 💁‍♀️

1. lion

▪️PRIDE POWER Diamond Back One Piece Swimsuit FS11L - Ladies

A lion called the king of beasts. " Pride Power " is a colorful drawing of that face in the center🦁A piece that gives you the motivation to endure hard practice with a design that makes you feel stately and powerful🩱

  • Don't miss the back design! FUNKITA's cursive logo is catchy and fashionable ♬
  • The 11L series holds the back firmly with a double bind specification in which two straps are combined. Perfect for everyday swimming practice ◎
  • Men's and girls have the same design 👨👧

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2. Tiger


▪️GROWL BABY Micromate Towel FYG022N

A tiger staring at me with a strong gaze 🐯 It looks like it's aiming for prey and watching over the players. It's a funky and cool towel that feels like it's illuminated in pink.

  • Microfiber and cotton towels. The surface is easy to dry with microfiber, and the back is made of cotton material and is soft to the touch!
  • 160cm x 80cm big size (General Japanese bath towels are 120 x 60 ~ 130 x 70) . It's a large towel that covers your body 🌺

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3. shark

▪️ROMPA CHOMPA Single Strap One Piece Swimsuit FS15L - Ladies

"Rompa Chompa" depicts a large group of aggressively swimming sharks that are undoubtedly the strongest when they attack in groups. The contrast between the navy blue and the white shark that evokes the image of the deep sea, and the red strap make for a stylish design🏊

  • Open-shaped single strap type with a wide back. You can swim freely without restricting your swimming!
  • The same design is available for men, boys and girls👨👦👧

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How was it? The strong and cool animal design seems to be a motivation for hard training 🔥 Please try it!

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