Let's wear sustainable swimwear! Earth-friendly [ECO C–INFINITY] A great dissection of swimsuits!

Did you know that FUNKITA and FUNKY TRUNS swimwear are all made from a material called "C-Infinity"?

C-Infinity is FUNKITA's original material. It is a fabric that goes well with swimwear, not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of comfort.

In addition, FUNKITA is a brand originating in Australia with beautiful seas and vast lands.

We are actively promoting environmental initiatives, and we are also developing swimwear made of eco-friendly swimwear material "ECO C-Infinity".

Therefore, this time , we will introduce in detail the swimsuit made of ECO material " ECO C-Infinity "!

What is C-Infinity material in the first place ?

First, let me introduce FUNKITA's standard fabric " C-Infinity " material.

C-Infinity is an original fabric used only for FUNKITA and FUNKY TRUNKS.

Premium polyester material made in Italy .

[Characteristics of C-Infinity]

① Outstanding durability and resistance to rubbing!

Strength and durability that far exceeds other polyester materials!

(2) Print colors are vivid and resistant to fading

Vividly express the colorful design! The color does not fade easily and the cuteness lasts for a long time.

③As it is chlorine-resistant material, I am reliable in the pool

It has excellent chlorine resistance, so you can rest assured even if you repeatedly enter the pool!

④ The fabric is high quality and lasts a long time!

Excellent elasticity and shape retention effect. Quick-drying and breathability are also GOOD!

⑤With UV care function of UPF50+

Comes with a UV care function that is great for outdoor use! Blocks 97.5-98% of UV rays.

In this way, it is a high-quality material full of features that swimmers will love!

A swimsuit made from a plastic bottle! ? What is ECO C–Infinity material?

Next, I would like to introduce " ECO C-Infinity ".

ECO C-Infinity is the same high quality polyester material as C-Infinity .

The difference from the usual C-Infinity is that it is "manufactured from used PET bottles" .

It's made from 100% recycled PET bottles, making it environmentally friendly.

But when you hear about recycled materials, you may be a little concerned about their performance, right?

Actually, ECO C-Infinity has the same performance as C-Infinity , such as durability !

When the staff looked at the actual product, the fabric felt a little stiff, but it didn't seem to affect swimming. You can use it with peace of mind with a solid fabric.

SDGs items born from the world's environmental conservation superpowers ! ECO swimsuit!

The birthplace of FUNKITA is Australia, which is blessed with abundant nature and natural resources. Environmental protection activities are thriving, and it is known worldwide as an advanced ECO country.

The ECO series using ECO C-Infinity was born in such Australia.

“I want to make the most of limited resources.”

"I want to work on SDGs from a familiar place"

"I want to choose fashionable and eco-friendly products!"

This swimsuit is perfect for everyone.

Why don't you start doing something good for the future earth from the swimsuit you always use?

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