2022 New collection「Free2Fly」商品紹介〜シリコンキャップ〜

2022 New collection "Free2Fly" Product Introduction ~Silicon Cap~

FUNKITA 2022 new collection "FREE 2 FLY" is finally on sale! !

More freedom! Like flying!

We have a catchy design that makes you feel like that 👙🌴

This time, we would like to introduce the silicon cap !

[Product Features]

  • Latex-free, comfortable and durable! !
  • All free size

It is a stylish silicon cap with excellent functionality 🏊

Let's take a look now💁‍♀️

FNKY FYG017N Silicone Cap

A design with the FNKY logo in the middle and scattered alphabets. Decide cool with monotone color 😎
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Designed with the image of "BIg Cat" living in the hinterland of the savanna 🐱 With cute illustrations and coloring, you might become a popular person in the pool! ?

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KISS KISS silicone cap

From a distance, it looks like a light blue geometric pattern, but if you look closely, it's full of "kiss marks" 💋 It's a pop and unique piece! !

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ICARUS INK Silicone Cap

The contrast between the colorful wings and black is very fashionable 👼 It is a design that you can take Instagrammable photos 👬
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A large design with a colorful zebra. Just like the "KISS KISS" that I introduced earlier, when you actually put it on, you'll be surprised, "I thought it was a geometric pattern, but it's actually...!"🦓

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How was it? !
All items in this collection are limited in quantity. Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out, so if you have a design you are interested in, please hurry up ♬
The product page of the new collection " Free2Fly" is ⇨here