2022 New collection「Free2Fly」商品紹介〜バッグ〜

2022 New collection "Free2Fly" Product Introduction ~Bag~

FUNKITA 2022 new collection "FREE 2 FLY" is finally on sale! !

More freedom! Like flying!

We have a catchy design that makes you feel like that 👙🌴

This time, we will introduce backpacks and mesh bags ! !

[Product Features]


  • Large capacity swimback up to 36L
  • Shoe space, bottle storage, cooler zip pocket to keep drinks and food cold, wet towels can be stored separately👟
  • A back pad that supports posture and a shoulder strap on the chest reduce the burden of carrying.

▪️ Mesh bag

  • A mesh bag that can store training tools, towels, etc.
  • The durability is also excellent because it uses a strong nylon mesh.

Let's take a quick look 💁‍♀️

SNOW CHAINS Elite Squad Backpack Rucksack

SNOW CHAINS with the image of a tire chain for snowy roads. The black and white design makes it easy to match with your clothes.
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RAINBOW WEB Elite Squad Backpack Rucksack

Is the motif a colorful spider web? Or a laser beam? It is a design that seems to suit electronic music.

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SNOW CAPS Elite Squad Backpack Rucksack

SNOW CAPS with the image of mountains covered with snow. While imagining snow, the color is a little tropical. Enjoy that gap!

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PATCH PANELS Elite Squad Backpack Rucksack

This is what it looks like when a computer display is made into a patchwork! ? A colorful backpack that will motivate you to practice.

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The stylish wings are sure to look great on social media.👼Be sure to carry it on your back and take pictures🤳

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How was it? !

All items in this collection are limited in quantity. Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out, so if you have a design you are interested in, please hurry up ♬
The product page of the new collection " Free2Fly" is ⇨here