「Nature Calls」デザインに隠されたおじさんとは!?

What is the uncle hidden in the "Nature Calls" design? ?

Among the model “OFF THE WALL” released in October 2018, we found a model with a unique design that stands out!

Nature Calls 2018 OCT

Design name "Nature Calls" In Japanese, "Nature Calls".

This design seems to be a "men's" and "boys" limited model.

A box-shaped training swimsuit that looks like an ordinary pattern at first glance.

What is the meaning behind this design? ?

Popular wide box type. Recommended for practicing competitive swimmers!

First of all, I will explain from the specifications of this swimsuit.

Box type swimsuits with "Nature Call" designs have arrived.

Although it depends on the size of the

The M size has a width of about 16.5 cm, so it is a type that anyone can easily fit.

Of course, the material is FUNKITA's familiar Italian polyester "C-Infinity".

It is highly resistant to chlorine and does not fade easily, so it is recommended for daily practice.

However, although it is common to all swimwear, please be careful when selecting the size because it is an overseas specification.

If you want to check your own size, we recommend that you refer to your waist size.

A touch like a hand-drawn 4-panel cartoon is fashionable!

And we introduce the hidden design secrets of this swimsuit.

This swimsuit features a pattern that looks like a hand-drawn landscape painting.

A world full of nature with the sea, rivers, and trees drawn.

Such a secret was hidden in the pattern of such a swimsuit.

Actually, the staff also noticed it for the first time when they were inspecting the swimsuits.

I notice that 'Uncle wearing a straw hat (?)' Is drawn around the buttocks.

"Wow! The design is for a person in the back!"

Please take a good look. around the center of the buttocks. uncle! ? is standing behind you.

I wonder if this is fashionable (?), but the bold print will make you smile. (smile)

Longing for a free and wild life! ?

Men's limited design! ? Meaning in design

In addition, the concept of this design is written in English as follows.

If you enjoy getting the kit off in the wild but worry about the social consequences we've got the perfect solution. Designed for the man that likes to live free and wild, you won't feel like you're wearing anything when you stroll from the lake to the shops

"Nature Call" literally translates to "nature is calling"

It's hard to say it out loud, but in other words, it's a swimsuit printed with nature that makes you want to go to the bathroom and be wild! Is it a feeling of nuance? (smile)

What is this uncle (!?) designed on the buttocks showing...

.........I see.

(Don't get too deep into it. Lol)


The "Nature Call" that arrived this time has a men's limited design.

The manga-like touch is a design that is rarely seen in Japan.

Also, the familiar FUNKY TRUNKS logo has become fashionable with a handwritten style!

A piece that fully incorporates the playfulness of the FUNKITA designer.

Mountains, rivers, air, and grasses are drawn, and the design is designed so that time flows freely and at a leisurely pace.

Gives you the wild power and healing of nature.

It may be a recommended design for masters swimmers who dream of living in the countryside! (smile)