PANDA MONIUM 新作水着入荷!超絶かわいいパンダ柄登場!

PANDA MONIUM new swimsuit arrival! Introducing a super cute panda pattern!

It has ended. thank you very much!

New in June 2019! Pandamonium is on sale!

To all FUNKITA and FUNKY TRUNKS fans, thank you for waiting!
FUNKITA's new series "PANDA MONIUM" is finally on sale today!

Many super cute panda patterns are now available!

Swimsuits with panda prints have arrived for women's swimwear, girls' swimwear, men's swimwear, and boys' swimwear!
Design names such as "PINK PANDA", "PINKPANDA", and "PANDADDY" will tickle your curiosity...(´∀`)
Not only pandas, but also a lot of cute and cool swimsuits like Fankita have arrived, so please take a look!

Swimwear made from used PET bottles! ? Introducing a high-quality ECO material swimsuit!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! !
As part of FUNKITA's efforts to address environmental issues, swimsuits made from used PET bottles are now available!
It is made of high-quality "ECO C-IInfinity material" while maintaining the functions of the conventional chlorine-resistant and highly durable material "C-Infinity material". This applies to products with the ECO logo on them. I can't tell from the pictures, but I can't really tell the difference when I touch it. There seems to be no problem with durability and color fading.

Commemorating the release! A mesh bag present for everyone!

"Mesh bag" is very popular as a small present.
This time as well, in commemoration of the release of the new series, we will present it to everyone who purchased it.

■ Target products: All products

■ Notes:
One mesh bag gift will be given per order.
Please note that even if you purchase 2 or more items, only 1 mesh bag will be provided.

It's over as soon as it's gone!